March 1st, 2021: Mario-themed objects available for purchase photo: Nintendo

due to a replacement released on February 25th, you may purchase Mario-themed items starting March 1st, together with outfits, furnishings, a menacing Thwomp, and even purposeful warp pipes, which players are already using in clever methods. The February update additionally introduced items for Pi Day (March 14th), Shamrock Day (March 17th), and greater.

March twenty sixth, 2021: Sanrio-themed villagers and gadgets will be obtainable via amiibo playing cards  picture: Nintendo

Nintendo has partnered with Sanrio, the makers of everything hiya Kitty, on an amiibo card pack if you want to mean you can add Sanrio-themed objects and villagers to your island. The pack will be accessible completely at the target on March 26th.